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About W&S Plastics : Custom Plastic Injecton Moulders

Established in 1978 W&S Plastics is a leader in the field of engineering plastic moulding and the largest engineering plastics custom moulder in NSW. With a state of the art factory and a team of over 120 employees devoted to quality, craftsmanship and precision.

W&S Plastics can realise almost any engineering plastic moulded project from initial drawing to distribution. Each stage of the process is carefully calibrated, tested and quality controlled to world class ISO standards.

Using European machines and robotics run by trained operators W&S Plastics provide tight tolerance moulding for more consistent parts and use.

Rather than simply relying on moulding, we have always been keen to incorporate value-adding processes to enable us to service our clients with excellence. These processes include pad printing, over-moulding, assembly and ultrasonic welding. We are constantly exploring new technologies to fit the current and future requirements of our clients and to improve productivity.

Our philosophy has always been to provide value by offering the best quality and service at a competitive price.

In addition to regular plastic injection moulding we offer:

  • Overmoulding - either rigid or soft for tactile quality, seals or airtight chambers or simply for cosmetic appearance.

  • Overmoulding metal - for mechanical strength or noise dampening.

  • Teflon-filled moulding - for frictional quality.

  • Sterilisation - Plastics that can be sterilised with minimum bio-burden.

  • Ultrasonic welding - for seamless joins and speed.

  • Co - moulding - Multiple material injection.

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